The words thank you brightly diaplayed on a dark background.
The words thank you brightly diaplayed on a dark background.
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Welcome and thank you for reading my blog!

As the name of the blog suggests this is a blog about god and people. I’m an exvangelical who tends to switch between progressive Christianity and agnosticism, and that plays a big part in my writing. With this blog, I’m trying to be thoughtful and not dismissive of the many different ideas regarding theology and society. While I have my own biases I will try to be open-minded to a range of different opinions.

You’ll notice there’s a gap in the posts. In 2019 I left Medium and tried writing on Blogger. …

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A feeling of irritation and fear came over me. I thought it was ridiculous but there was this worry that it might be true.

The message was very clear, something bad was going to happen later on in the year and we needed to be ready. This wasn’t the first time we were warned about something happening. For the last few years, the Pastor would remind us of Revelation 6:6 almost in every service. He would say that since the price of food was going up we were living in Revelation 6:6, there also was talk of World War III starting soon and how many of us would be getting arrested because we were Christians. There were days when I would leave the church…

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‘Does something like this cause you to question God?’ he asked me.

I was at work on a lunch and speaking to a work colleague a few weeks after my brother had died. I responded by saying my saying it didn’t and that was the truth. Back then my response to such tragedies was that God had a plan that was beyond my understanding. But this confidence in God and God’s plan didn’t last forever.

It wasn’t the death of my brother that made me question God, it was watching the Netflix documentary The Keepers. The documentary tells the story…

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I think it’s fair to say when many think of God we tend to think of it as a man with human emotions.

Reza Aslan calls this sort of thinking ‘humanized God’ in his book God: A Human History of Religion. We give God traits like loving, kind, compassionate, merciful, angry, and wrathful. Such traits are the same as humans and I’ve yet to come across a religion that doesn’t do this. So does this mean when we think about God we’re just thinking of someone thought up by ourselves and/or other human beings? If so where does the idea…

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He was told to approach the subject of abortion careful since a number of women in the congregation had had one but the Pastor didn’t. As far as he was concerned he was there to proclaim God’s truth and it didn’t matter what anyone else had been through or how they felt about the subject.

Every post I make I try to share recount situations I’ve been through that relate to the theme of what I write but when it comes to abortion not a lot comes to mind. I’ve only sat through one sermon dedicated entirely to the subject…

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There were countless opinions being thrown around the room. The subject was the Apostle Paul’s teaching on women, the event a Friday night Bible study. There were some who were in agreement that women should be silent in the church and others were conflicted because it seemed like the Bible said one thing they couldn’t agree on. At the end of the discussion, as we entered conversations with each other, my Pastor turned to me and said that the Apostle Paul probably wouldn’t have written such things if he was married. …

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‘Really Santa is like God. He’s omnipresent, he has a list of good people and he rewards the good people. He’s an idol and Christians should avoid him’. She told me. You be around Christians long enough and you’ll see that some hate Santa and consider him to be evil.

I am writing on Christmas day and in the run-up to this day images of the nativity cannot be avoided. I can imagine many parents have sat through countless nativity plays, churches have set up nativity displays and we’ve all probably seen the odd Christmas card with a painting of…

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It was a cool summers evening but it felt rather warm inside the church. I felt somewhat nervous as the as I watch the Preacher get up to preach. I had some idea of what was about to be said because I had heard the man sermons before. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to listen to.

“Let’s turn to Luke chapter 14 verse 15.

15 When one of those at the table with him heard this, he said to Jesus, “Blessed is the one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.”

16 Jesus…

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I can’t tell you much of what I did on Thursday 16 June 2016 or what the day was like. The weather was probably warm and sunny given that it was in the summer but this is the British summer weather that we’re talking about here so it may have been raining. What I can tell you was that something happened that would eventually change the way I thought about the issue of being worldly. That something was a death, the death of the British politician Jo Cox.

I must confess like most of the world I didn’t know much…

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Maybe you’re better off calling yourself an agnostic she said. At first, I was offended and defensive. But looking back she did have a point because, in all honesty, sometimes I do sound like an agnostic. I have doubts and quite honestly people who say they never doubted annoy me.

Sometimes I doubt if God exists. Sometimes I don’t doubt God but doubt his/her’s/it’s goodness. One thing that gets me is child abuse. You look at the abuse like something in the Netflix documentary The Keepers and I wonder why didn’t God intervene. They say God doesn’t give us more…

a careful consideration of god and people

my stories of and thoughts on theology and society published when i’m not studying.

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